We are...

Junkie Threads is a clothing brand from Gilbert, Arizona. We are two guys that love t-shirts so much that we started creating our own back in 2008 because, well we thought it would be cool to do so. It all started with a simple idea and from there Junkie Threads was born. What you see is something that has come from us, something we thought everyone else would love just as much as we do. Every shirt you see is created by us and no one else but us, there's passion, love and hard work behind every shirt we make. 

Graphic Tees are everywhere these days and it seems like so many people have a t-shirt brand. One thing that helps set us apart from the rest, other than our unique brand name, is the fact that we use high quality premium material shirts and tank tops. We promise you that our clothing is of premium quality, we take pride in that as a brand. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and thank you for supporting small businesses.